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International Mushroom Days China 2024 Grandly Held with Enthusiastic Feedback
2024/4/30    Source : Edible Fungi Chamber of CFNA

From April 22nd to 24th, the International Mushroom Days, China 2024 was grandly held at Xiamen Fliport Hotel C&E Center,Fujian Province, China. The total exhibition area was 17000 square meters, equivalent to 550 international standard booths, of which more than 80% were special booths, increased by 28% compared to last year. Totally 271 exhibitors and enterprises participated in the exhibition, more than 2000 people from Russia, Japan,India, France and other parts of the world registered and attended the event, asignificant increase compared to last year.

This exhibition consists of two themed exhibition areas: the Intelligent Manufacturing Innovation Hall and Mushroom Industry Promotion Hall. The exhibits cover 11 categories of products and services, including mushroom cultivation, raw material supply, intelligent equipment,environmental control, energy management, cold chain logistics, as well as product processing and terminal channels, all of which reflect the technological innovation and industrial integration of Chinese mushroom industry. By clearly defining functional zones, achieving the integration of expertise and exhibition sales, creating a comprehensive exhibition feast that combined traditional and innovative elements.

This event was hosted by China Chamber of Commerce of 1/E of Food stuffs, Native Produce and Animal By-products (CFNA), International Joint Research Center for Creating New Germplasm Resources of Edible Fungi,Fujian Edible Fungi Society, Fujian Edible Fungi Industry Association, and Fujian Edible Fungi Industry Technology Innovation Alliance. It is jointly organized by Xiamen Vissea Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Jiuneng Brand Management Co., Ltd., National and Local Joint Engineering Research Center for Economic Microbial Research and Utilization, and the Edible Fungi ResearchInstitute of Fujian Academy of Agricultural Sciences. This was a large-scalemushroom industry chain special event following the 2023 Chinese Mushroom Day.

The opening ceremony was compered by Mr. Liu Ziqiang, secretary general of Edible Fungi Chamber of CFNA. More than 700 representatives including 18 local government leaders, 271 leading mushroom production enterprises, authoritative experts and scholars, professionals from supermarkets and catering industry, as well as representatives from upstream and downstream enterprises of mushroom industry chain, witnessed the opening of the conference. The "2023 ChinaEdible Mushroom Industry Regional Brand Value Evaluation Ranking" was released at the opening ceremony.

This event also received strong support from professional associations such as National Edible Mushroom Industry Technology System, International Society for Medicinal Mushrooms (ISMM), International Society for Mushroom Science (ISMS), World Society for Mushroom Biology and Mushroom Products (WSMBMP), National and Local Joint Engineering Research Center for Characteristic Edible Mushroom Breeding and Cultivation, as well as the media such as the Food Headlines, Emushroom.net, Edible and Medicinal Mushrooms journal, and Brand Agriculture and Market.

The first Xiamen International Specialty Mushrooms Industry Conference and the first "Three Creatures Cycling Production" Edible Mushrooms Industry High-quality Development Conference were held in the same period, the multiple events created a new interactive platform of "government, industry, academic research, application and retail", strengthening the linkage and cooperation between the government, enterprises, universities, research institutes and the retail industry, and promoting the sharing and efficient utilization of information, technology, talent, products and sales channels.The successful holding of this expo not only provided a platform for enterprises and research institutions in the edible mushroom industry chain to showcase and exchange ideas, but also injects new vitality into promoting the innovative development of the edible mushroom industry. At the same time, it brings China's edible mushroom industry to a more prosperous and greener trend towards the future.

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