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Development Profile of Xiamen MICE

Xiamen is one of the earliest cities that pays attention to the leading role of MICE industry and endeavors to promote the development of MICE industry. After 30 years’ development, Xiamen now boasts advantages of pleasant MICE environment, cutting-edge facilities, competitive policy incentives and highly efficient support service, highly praised in developing MICE environment and producing MICE achievement. In addition, Xiamen has been awarding the honorable titles of Top 10 MICE City in China as well as Top 10 Charming Conference Destination Cities for several times.

The advantages of Xiamen MICE industry are mainly shown in the following seven aspects.

  1. Advantageous geographical location. Located on the southeast coast of China with only a strip of water across Taiwan, Xiamen is a traditional trading port and ancestral home for a significant number of overseas Chinese as well as Taiwan compatriots. As one of the five Special Economic Zones in China pioneering the national policy of opening-up, Xiamen is granted the independent status on the state economic planning, enjoying provincial-level authority in economic administration and local legislative power. Xiamen is the mainland city closest to Taiwan, as well as a central city in the West Taiwan Strait Economic Region. Xiamen enjoys an advantageous geographical location that promotes communication and cooperation with Taiwan in the field of economy, trade, culture and convention. The cooperation between Xiamen and Taiwan has a positive effect in other cities of West Taiwan Strait Economic Region.

  2. Enchanting landscapes and pleasant climate. The key qualities of Xiamen can be summarized as the following five aspects: beautiful sceneries blending green hills and blue seas, balanced social-economic development, diversified culture, well-preserved regional traditions as well as social harmony, which attract a large amount of domestic and foreign visitors for sightseeing and travel every year. In recent years, Xiamen has been ranking as top 3 tourist destination cities in golden weeks nationwide.  Xiamen has received more than 46.63 million domestic and foreign visitors in 2013 and become an important tourist destination city in the world. It’s like spring in Xiamen all the year round, which makes itself an ideal destination for international conventions and exhibitions. In winter, compared to a world of ice and snow in the North, Xiamen enjoys a pleasant climate. As one of the cities with the best air quality in China, Xiamen will present you the fresh and healthy air during conventions and exhibitions.

  3. Easily accessible transportation network. With convenient transportation, Xiamen has established well-developed three-dimensional transportation. As one of the most important hubs in the East China, Xiamen has launched 26 international air routes and 117 domestic air routes, connecting 88 cities around the world, such as  Netherland, Singapore, Malaysia, The Philippines, Thailand, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao. In 2013, Xiamen airport ranked 11th in China with a throughput in total of 19.83 million people. The city has developed a strong railway and highway network, with express trains to any China’s metropolitans such as Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Wuhan, Nanchang, Shenzhen, Changsha and etc.

  4. Open and inclusive culture. As one of the earliest Chinese city opened to the outside world, Xiamen has forged close trade ties with more than 200 countries and regions in the world. It has 17 international sister cities and 18 international sister ports, and has established regular contacts with 75 countries and regions making Xiamen a harmonious city with open and inclusive culture and increase its city international influence. Xiamen keeps close communication with the main countries along the maritime silk road in the field of economy, trade, technology, culture and tourism, working with great effort to make itself the hub city of the 21st century Maritime Silk Road.  
  5. Full-fledged MICE facilities. Xiamen is one of the few MICE cities in China that owns large and modern exhibition center and convention center. Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center covers a combined indoor floor area of 10,000 square meters and contains more than 20 high and middle sized conference halls and rooms. The center is available for large-scale exhibition and conference activities simultaneously. Xiamen International Convention center and Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center are separated merely by a road, forming a large and modern comprehensiveness conference center that can meet the demand of various conferences.

    The conference halls contain complete supporting facilities. There are more than 720 hotels in Xiamen, including 17 five-star hotels and 26 four-star hotels. There are around 87 venues and sites suitable for various conferences and conventions, with 639 conference rooms and indoor space amounting to 132,000 square meters. To adapt to the requirement of high-level conferences on meeting place and accommodation, led by the large scale conference facilities, supported by large and medium scale conference hotels, Xiamen becomes very competitive in market.

  6. Competitive policy incentives. Xiamen Municipal Government took the lead in enacting and implementing the convention and exhibition awarding policy in 2003, and then further expanded the incentives to convention industry in 2008. In June 2014, based on the development trend and process of convention & exhibition industry in both domestic and abroad, Xiamen Municipal Government modified and issued Some Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Convention and Exhibition Industry. The new policy increased awarding stimulation, which rewarded self-organized exhibitions, exhibitions introduced from other cities and MICE organizers from Xiamen. The new policy also offered specific rewards in detail for conferences, which lowered the threshold and increase reward according to the classification of commercial conventions and academic symposia. At present, the special funds put aside from Xiamen Convention and Exhibition Industry is used as reward for convention and exhibition projects. The amount of reward exceeds RMB 20 million each year. Moreover, it is worth noting that each supporting condition and standard is specified and detailed. It is convenient for organizers to apply for and receive reward. Xiamen’s incentives may not be the strongest, but is absolutely the most open, transparent and efficient.

  7. Highly efficient coordination and assurance services. Xiamen has been hosting China International Fair for Investment & Trade for nearly 30 years and set up the most well-fledged coordination and assurance services for domestic large-scale convention and exhibition business. The services ensure large-scale and important convention and exhibition projects that can be successfully held in Xiamen. Xiamen successfully hosts a number of large-scale and high-profile conferences including International Investment Forum, World Investment Forum, Straight Forum, and APEC Oceans-related Ministerial Meeting. Over 300 exhibition enterprises provide quality service in the field of planning and organization, advertisement, design & construction, convention service, customs clearance, transportation, interpretation, intensive care and security.


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