MICE Organization


Domestic Organizers
No. Organizers Exhibitions Contact Info
1 Xiamen MICE Industry Promotion Center China International Fair for Investment & Trade 2669803
Xiamen Industry Exposition
Strait Forum
2 Xiamen Jinhongxin Exhibition Co., Ltd. China Xiamen International Stone Fair 5959636
China Xiamen International Stone Machinery & Tools Fair
China (Xiamen) International Buddhist Items & Crafts Fair ( Spring Edition)
China (Xiamen) International Vegetarian Food Fair
China (Xiamen) International Buddhist Items & Crafts Fair ( Autumn Edition)
China Xiamen International Tea Industry Fair
China International Health Care Fair
3 Xiamen Association For Circulation Of Automobile West-Taiwan-Strait Auto Expo 2683791
West-Taiwan-Strait Auto After Market Expo
4 Xiamen Broadcasting & TV Development Co., Ltd. Cross-Straits (Xiamen) Cultural Fair 5371959
5 Xiamen Chuangxin Software Park Management Co. Ltd.   Xiamen International Animation Festival 5953932,5953889
6 International Book (Xiamen) Cultural Communication Co., Ltd. Cross-Strait Book Fair 2231686
Xiamen (Huli) International Fashion Expo
7 Xiamen Feichi Commercial Affairs Co., Ltd. China (Xiamen) Machinery & Electronics Exhibition cum Engineering Machinery Expo 5892666
China International Fair for Tea Industry Investment
2016 Xiamen International Advertisement Technology ,Identification Industry & LED Fair
2016 Xiamen International Printing Packaging Industry Fair
8 Xiamen Chengyuan C&E Co. Ltd. China (Xiamen) International Food Procurement Fair 5142222/ 5030525
9 Xiamen Road & Bridge Marina Co. Ltd. China (Xiamen) International Boat Show 5571852
10   Xiamen Broadcasting & TV Advertising Co., Ltd. Xiamen Home Decoration Materials & Furniture Exhibition 5301591/ 13860131141
11 Xiamen Daily  Xiamen human Residential Environment Exhibition and China International Building energy conservation Exposition 5581542
Xiamen Real-estate Exhibition 2016 (Spring Edition) 5581542
Cross-Strait Wedding Expo 5581542
China (Xiamen) International Automobile Exhibition 5581542
12 Strait Herald Xiamen Energy Saving and Eco Residential Fair 5352540
13 Xiamen Siino-Show Century Business Exhibition Co., Ltd. Xiamen International Fisheries Expo 5078295
14   Xiamen Association of Internet of Things China Xiamen International Internet of Things Expo and Forum 3932618
15 Xiamen C&D ITS Business Conference Exhibition Co., Ltd. China (Xiamen) International Leisure Tourism Expo 2337260
16   Xamen Dongfang Huayi Culture Communication Co., Ltd. Haixi (Xiamen) International New Energy Industry Expo & Forum 5159831
17 Xiamen Aige Convention & Exhibition Co., Ltd. China Hotpot Materials && Frozen Food Exhibition 5925570
18 Xiamen Gavis Exhibition Co., Ltd. Art Amoy Art Fair 5999552
19 Xiamen Xintian Conventions & Exhibitions Co., Ltd. China (Xiamen) International Leisure Fishery Expo & Cross-Straits Aquarium and Angling Equipment Exhibition 5071510
20 Xiamen Unify Media Co. Ltd. New Life Style Exhibition 5585569
21 Xiamen Hongxin Exhibition Business Co., Ltd. International Fruit & Vegetable Industry (Xiamen) Fair 5670201
22 Xiamen Fliport Convention & Exhibition Co., Ltd. Xiamen Outdoor & Travel Fair 5709065
Xiamen Wedding Show 5706859
23 Xiamen Kongshi Culture Communication Co., Ltd. Summer Animation Expo 5189207
24 Xiamen ZhongDian Medium Co., Ltd. China Xiamen International Industry Expo for Baby-Child 5026528、6811118
25 Xiamen Interior Decoration Association Xiamen Summer Decoration & Building Materials Fair 2224420
26 Xiamen Qipin Cultural Communication Co., Ltd. Strait (Xiamen) Watch Exhibition 5037007
27 Xiamen Luocheng Exhibition Co., Ltd. China Xiamen International Health Industry Expo 13606908691
28 Xiamen Kingtop Exhibition Co., Ltd. International Underwater Intervention Conference And Exhibition 2233015
29 Xiamen ALExpo Co., Ltd. Xiamen Swine Expo 3923905
30 Xiamen Hudong Age Culture Communication Co., Ltd. China (Xiamen) International Intangible Cultural Heritage – Creative Industry and Folk Arts & Crafts Exhibition 5716178

Guided by: Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Convention and Exhibition   Sponsor: Xiamen Convention and Exhibition Association
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