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A Brief Introduction to 

Xiamen Convention & ExhibitionAssociation


 NameXiamen Convention & Exhibition Association


Xiamen Convention & Exhibition Association, shorted as XMCEA, set up in April 19, 1999, is an industrial organization covering various sectors within Xiamen MICE industry. By November2018, XMCEA has more than 400 members including organizations, units, enterprises of exhibition, venues, conference, conference centers, conference hotels, booth design & construction, translation & interpretation,security, logistics, transportation rental, printing, photography & video, education training, catering service and theory research.

The objective of the Association is to serve as a bridge to render services to the enterprises, the government; and to boost the economic and social development of Xiamen.   

The job duties of XMCEA are as below.

1.To conduct research within industry andto submit relevant policy suggestions;

2. To participate in planning and making policies;

3. To promote and implement policies and to boost industry development;  

4. Be responsible for statistics of exhibitions and conventions in both city and all districts;

5. Be responsible for exhibitions and conventions evaluation;

6. Be responsible for the access supervision, approval and coordination of new exhibitions;

7. Be responsible for the grade authentication of booth design & construction enterprises;

8. Be responsible for assessing and evaluating conference hotels;

9. Be responsible for conducting promotion of Xiamen MICE information;

10. Be responsible for construction and operation for the website The Public Information Service Platform ofXiamen Convention and Exhibition Industry (www.xmce.org);

11. Be responsible for editing and distributing Xiamen MICE Trends;

12. Be responsible for drawing and editing The Development Report on Xiamen Convention and Exhibition Industry;

13. Be responsible for market-monitoring for Xiamen convention and exhibition industry; drawing and editing Xiamen Convention and Exhibition Economic Benefit Analysis Report;

14. Be responsible for subjects research on Xiamen conventions and exhibitions;

15. To provide advice and guidance for Xiamen MICE policy;

16. Be responsible for organizing and holding professional training courses within industry;

17. Be responsible for industry standard formulation and industry self-regulation;

18. To organize MICE marketing promotion home and abroad;

19. To conduct MICE cooperation and communication home and abroad;

20. Be responsible for directing, editing and publishing magazine Strait MICE.

21. Be responsible for Party constructionof XMCEA.

President of XMCEA: Mr. Zheng Zhi 

Association secretariat

Secretary General of XMCEA: Xu Bin

Association secretariat consists of Member services departmentStatistics and finance departmentNetwork departmentLiaison department.


Guided by: Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Convention and Exhibition   Sponsor: Xiamen Convention and Exhibition Association
Phone:86-592-5959353\2213713   Fax:86-592-2213716   E-mail:xmcea3@163.com
Technology: Xiamen Economic and Trade Information Center