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Xiamen Convention & Exhibition Industry Development Report (2015)

An Overall Review on the Development of Xiamen’s Convention & Exhibition Industry in 2015

Convention & Exhibition Industry is an important platform for constructing modern market and open economy systems. Its growth rate and quality will directly influence the development of districts, cities and the other relevant industries. Increasing the efforts to fuse convention, exhibition and tourism has become a powerful strength in building Xiamen into a model city of “Beautiful China”, which plays a significantly role in promoting industrial transformation, urban transformation and social transformation.

In the year of 2015, instructed by Xiamen Municipal Party Committee and Xiamen Municipal Government and pushed by Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Convention & Exhibition Affairs, Xiamen convention & exhibition industry kept improving policies, optimizing structure, enhancing qualities, expanding scales, optimizing environment and increasing benefits and securing the coordinated development of various market elements. Through out the year, Xiamen held 193 exhibitions covering exhibition area of 1,910,000 m2 and undertook 6,382 conferences attracting 1.35 million participants, created economic benefits of 31,804 billion Yuan and realized new developments and breakthroughs under the new normal situation.

The achievements made by Xiamen convention and exhibition industry won commendation and recognition from within the industries. In 2015,China Xiamen International Buddhist Items & Crafts Fair, Xiamen Industry Exposition (China Xiamen Machinery & Electronics Exhibition), China Xiamen International Stone Fair, China (Xiamen) International Food Procurement Fair, West-Taiwan-Strait Auto Fair and China International Healthcare Expo were on the lists of exhibitions guided and supported by The Ministry of Commerce. In November 2015, recommended by Xiamen Convention & Exhibition Association, Xiamen exhibitions won 4 awards which were on the Asian Federation of Exhibition & Convention Associations Awards winning list. China International Fair for Investment & Trade won the 3rd place for Outstanding Trade Exhibition Award; 2015 China International Investment Forum won Certificate of Participation for Outstanding Convention Congress Award; The 15th China Xiamen International Stone Fair and The 9th China Xiamen International Buddhist Items & Crafts respectively won the Certificate of Participation for Outstanding Trade Exhibition Award.

I. Exhibition Industry Creates New Ways of Development and Speeds Up Quality Improvement 

In the year of 2015, Xiamen exhibition industry was confronted with complicated situation and fierce competition coming from global politics, economics and security, downward pressure arising from real economy, cost increasing and saturated exhibition projects nationwide. With the incentives and encouragements of new policies put forward by the local government, Xiamen exhibition industry played out the siphon effect of brand exhibition, introduced new resources, researched and developed new projects, expanded scales and promoted quality and fully achieved the goals of development and planning.

In 2015, Xiamen held 193 exhibitions, reduced by 7 or 3.5% than last year, among which economic and trade exhibitions and professional exhibitions increased by 27 or 42.5%. The total exhibition area reached 1,910,000m2, increased by 176,300 m2 or 19.15% over last year. Altogether, exhibitions of 2015 attracted 85,258 overseas participants from over 150 countries and regions, 314,774 participants from domestic market, which contributed to the total visitors of 4,918,000 people. The exhibition scale and visitors from home and abroad reached a new high.

II. Convention Industry Opens Sources, Seeks Transformation and Develops Against an Unfavorable Backdrop

In the year of 2015, domestic convention industry was under the circumstance that meetings shrank in quantity, scale and expenses. With the incentives for a series of policies put forward by Xiamen Municipal Party Committee and Xiamen Municipal Government, Xiamen convention industry adjusted industrial structure in time, changed its management concept, expanded new channels, optimized internal management, improved service quality and increased service contents, which maintained rapid growth under New Normal. Throughout the year, Xiamen held 6,328 business conferences with 50 or more participants, up by 2,151 or 51.5% than last year; 188 above-scale conferences, up by 75 or 66.37% over last year.

The total number of participants from home and abroad is 1,350,000, up by 57.64% than last year. On average, each person stayed more than four days in Xiamen, declined 25% than last year. The total visitors participating in conferences and events in the year reached 5.40 million/day, up by 26.17% than last year.

III. Convention and Exhibition Industry Steadily Experiences Increase in Economic Benefits and Makes Remarkable Achievements

As a huge platform, the convention and exhibition industry has brought together flows of talents, products, information, funds and high-tech. It not only plays an important role in the trade of exhibition goods but also the communication of thoughts, emotions and technologies among participants. Meanwhile, it is of great significance for Xiamen to expand its urban function, enhance urban quality, establish image and create economic benefits. In Xiamen, an industrial chain has been improved which is led by convention and exhibition institutions, convention and exhibition venues and exhibition design, significantly promoting and pushing the development of local economic and social benefits.

In 2015, Convention & Exhibition Industry continued to develop fast and steadily increased economic benefits. Convention & Exhibition economy constantly devoted itself to the national economy. Throughout the year, Xiamen convention and exhibition industry created the overall economic benefits of 31.804 billion Yuan (exhibition industry 15.272 billion Yuan and convention industry 16.532 billion Yuan), up by 4.176 billion Yuan or 15.1% over last year. The overall economic benefits consisted direct benefits 13.362 billion Yuan, up by 1.709 billion Yuan or 14.7% (direct income 1.366 billion Yuan, up by 268 million Yuan or 24.4%; indirect income 11.996 billion Yuan, up by 1.441 billion Yuan or 13.7%), and drove economic benefits of 18.442 billion Yuan, up by 2.248 billion Yuan or 14.1%. 

IV. Further Expanding Convention & Exhibition Facilities and Optimizing Environment

To adapt itself to the development of brand exhibitions and introduce large-scare exhibitions, constructing full-fledged MICE facility with large areas and well-equipped functions is an important measure to drive Xiamen in building itself into a MICE city. In September 2015, Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Centre Phrase Ⅳ was completed and put into use, covering 150,000 m2 indoor exhibition spaces, which ensured the expansions of stone fair and other super large exhibitions. At present, there are 21 venues to hold exhibition events (newly added Huamei Cultural Creative Park) with indoor area of 200,000 m2, up round 33.33% than last year.

There were 117 high-end hotels, up by 17. The total number of conference rooms in Xiamen increased to 750 and the total area of conference rooms to 145,202 m2, up by 16.7% over last year. There were 2 new conference rooms with a capacity for over 1000 people, up by 16.7%. The increase of new hotels and the expansions of new conference rooms enabled Xiamen to undertake various conferences, but also caused competitions. Most of high-end hotels were located in Siming District. In view of the distribution for the high-end hotels, 79 were located in Siming District, 19 in Huli District, 11 in Jimei District, 3 in Tong’an District, 3 in Haicang District and 2 in Xiang’an District.

In 2015, with the opening of internal air routes from Xiamen to Europe and America and newly constructions of domestic expressways, Xiamen greatly optimized environment to hold exhibitions and conventions. 

V. Development and Innovation for Marketing Platform

In 2015, for implementing convention and exhibition industry’s development strategy established by Xiamen Municipal Party Committee and Xiamen Municipal Government, Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Convention & Exhibition Affairs and Xiamen Convention & Exhibition Association enhanced the construction of exhibition marketing platform, strengthened marketing from home and abroad and achieved outstanding results. First, on the basis of the website of “Xiamen Convention & Exhibition”, we completed the construction of “The Public Information Service Platform of Xiamen Convention and Exhibition Industry”, perfected the functions and enriched the contents. Since it’s put on-line on June 30th, by December 31, 2015 “The Public Information Service Platform of Xiamen Convention and Exhibition Industry” had received 1.26 million visits and the highest monthly visit count being 410,000. English website was finished at the end of the year and launched, which was the first bilingual website (Chinese and English) among convention and exhibition cities in China. Second, Xiamen held Cross Strait Four Regions (Xiamen) on Exhibition Cooperation Forum which attracted more than 400 talents from within the industry. As a promotion and communication platform with unique Xiamen characteristics, the forum won highly commendation from various industries and participants. Third, Xiamen continued to enhance the cooperation with many medias at home and abroad, published columns and editions  of 244 pages and released over 400 pieces of convention and exhibition information to further improve its publicity and influence at home and abroad. Fourth, Xiamen dispatched five teams to participate in promotion meetings and negotiation activities on convention and exhibition at home and abroad. Through out the year, there were over 80 enterprises followed the teams to Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei and Kuala Lumpur to carry out business communication. Fifth, we increased the publish of Xiamen Exhibition Trends which was 21 issues a year and achieved sales of 1,262 hard copies and 15,225 electronic copies . The Trends has become an important carrier for the industries at home and abroad to get better understand of Xiamen convention & exhibition industry. 

VI. Further Improving Policies to Stimulate Growth 

In 2015, Xiamen paid attention to the guiding and encouraging role of policy in the market while focusing on allocation of exhibition resources by use of market. On January 28, 2015, General Office of Xiamen Municipal People’s Government printed and distributed Rules of Xiamen on Space Rental Subsidies for Professional Economic and Trading Exhibitions, Xia Fu Ban [2015] No.25. The rules stimulated the enthusiasm of enterprises from society and other cities to host exhibitions in Xiamen. In 2015, self-run exhibitions and above-scale conventions respectively increased by 17 and 75. On December 21, 2015, Xiamen People’s Government of Siming printed and distributed Notice of Some Opinions on Support and Reward for the Development of Convention & Exhibition Industry, Xia Si Zheng [2015] No.138 Xiamen People’s Government of Siming was the first district lever government in Fujian Province issuing the reward policy and became a powerful complement to support funds policy issued by Xiamen Municipal People’s Government. The Xia Si Zheng [2015] No.138 gained wide attention within the industry, which will produce a significant influence on convention and exhibition market in 2016.

VII. Carry Out New Measures on Legal Construction to Regulate Management

In 2015, Xiamen Municipal Government and the other relevant departments created a favorable legal environment by strengthening the construction of legal environment and promoted scientific and regulated management for convention and exhibition industry. On June 1, 2015, Xiamen Municipal Public Security Bureau established, printed and distributed Regulations for Security and Risk Evaluation and Classification Management on Large- scale Mass Activities in Xiamen Special Economic Zone (Xia Gong Zong [2015] No.157). On July 20, 2015, Xiamen Statistical Bureau, Xiamen Tourism Bureau and Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Convention and Exhibition Affairs readjusted and printed Notice on Strengthening Statistics for Convention and Exhibition (Xia Hui Zhan [2015] No. 41). On October 31, Xiamen Municipal Government printed and distributed Notice on Measures of Intellectual Property Protection for Exhibitions (Xia Fu [2015] No.318). A series of Regulations provide standards and legal laws to ensure the healthy and sustainable development for Xiamen convention and exhibition industry.

VIII. Complete Industrial Chain Helps Enhance Capability

As a cross-industry, cross-field and cross-sector industry, the operation of convention and exhibition industry involves in nearly 20 industries. With the development of Xiamen convention and exhibition industry, perfect elements of convention and exhibition industry ensured that employers increased, convention and exhibition team developed and security capacity strengthened. In 2015, over 300 organizations and enterprises actively participated in exhibitions and conferences activities. Among them, nearly 300 organizations and enterprises were the members of Xiamen Convention and Exhibition Association. Xiamen has been a location that attracts convention and exhibition industry in Fujian.

In 2015, all sectors of Xiamen convention and exhibition industry developed to various degrees. Exhibition organizations and enterprises represented by Xiamen investment promotion centre, Jinhongxin Exhibition, Feichi Commercial Affairs, Phoenix, Wenguang C&E, International Book (Xiamen) Cultural Communication, China Intop Exhibition, L&C and Valued Show management were further expanded. A number of new organizations and enterprises grew rapidly, such as Luocheng, Kingtop Exhibition, Zhongchuan, Zhongdian Medium, Qipin, Dongfang Huayi Cultural Communication, Juhe, Hongxin Exhibition Business, ALExpo, which became the new force in convention & exhibition industry. There were nearly 120 conference hotels in Xiamen. Among them, represented by C&D Hotel (Xiamen), Xianglu Grand Hotel, Fliport Xiamen Software Park, International Seaside Hotel, Hotel Nikko, Juntai Hotel and Xinglinwan Hotel grew rapidly. The number of convention organizations led by C&D Tourism and Hotels, Duoxi Pengcheng, Huihai Convention and Exhibition, Yantai Conference Service, Fliport Travel Agency, Yangguangdao Exhibition and Zihai Conference Service increased to about 60. There are over 150 booth design and construction enterprises. Large catering enterprises included Gulong, Seashine Group, Haoweiyuan and Jiali expanded capacity, developed new products and promoted services, filling the gaps in service chain and enhanced the security ability in full range on Xiamen convention and exhibition industry. A industrial cluster led by exhibitions and conferences has been formed in Xiamen.

In 2015, Xiamen University of Technology, Xiamen City University and other institutions continued to cultivate reserve forces for convention and exhibition industry. Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Convention and Exhibition Affairs together with Xiamen Convention & Exhibition Association organized 6 large-scale training meetings which attracted nearly 1000 business backbones and made contribution to the exhibition industry to be professional, international, market-oriented and regulated.

IX. Enhancing Cooperation and Exchange Between Domestic and Foreign Convention & Exhibition Industries for Sharing the Fruits of Development

“Green, coordination, cooperation and sharing” are the new trend for modern convention and exhibition industry. Constructing cooperation channels and connections between domestic and foreign convention and exhibition industries is an important measure to stimulate the development of Xiamen convention and exhibition industry.

In 2015, under the leadership of Xiamen Municipal Party Committee and Xiamen Municipal Government, Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Convention and Exhibition Affairs and Xiamen Convention & Exhibition Association jointed with variety of  exhibition enterprises, further strengthened the cooperation with convention and exhibition industries at home and abroad, enlarged the sources and promoted operation level and quality in a all-round manner for Xiamen convention and exhibition industry. Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Convention and Exhibition Affairs repeatedly sent represents to Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and other places to learn experience of holding exhibitions and conventions and marketing management while receiving governmental convention and exhibition delegations from more than 20 cities. Meanwhile, Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Convention and Exhibition Affairs and Xiamen Convention & Exhibition Association jointly dispatched a delegation to participate in exhibition and convention activities hosted by China International Conference & Exhibition, China Conference & Exhibition, Meetings China, China Convention / Exhibition / Event Society and other organizations, strengthened cooperation with the state level convention and exhibition organizations and research institutions. Xiamen Convention & Exhibition Association strengthened its efforts on China City Association of Convention and Exhibition, which introduced over 40 municipal-level Convention & Exhibition Associations and 10 provincial level Convention & Exhibition Associations to join the association. China City Association of Convention and Exhibition is the biggest alliance nation-wide with more than 5000 members. Xiamen Convention & Exhibition Association received delegations of convention and exhibition associations from over 20 cities as well as enhanced cooperation with them. Xiamen Convention & Exhibition Association played a positive role in Asian Federation of Convention & Exhibition Associations by strengthening cooperation with Asian convention and exhibition associations and introduced 10 city convention and exhibition associations from mainland China to join the federation, thus enlarging China’s voice and laying a foundation for further cooperation with overseas associations. There were 4 Xiamen exhibitions won awards that improved the influence of Xiamen. In November 2015, organized by Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Convention and Exhibition Affairs, Taiwan Exhibition and Convention Association, Hong Kong Trade Development Council, and Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute and Xiamen Convention & Exhibition Association, Cross-Straits Four Regions (Xiamen) Forum on Exhibition Cooperation took place in Xiamen. The forum offered a new platform for exhibitions cooperation across Taiwan Strait and four regions. In 2015, Xiamen held 57 economy and trade professional exhibitions, 1/3 of which were jointly held by cross-straits organizations. Xiamen dispatched teams to go abroad participating in exhibitions and made new achievements. Organizations, such as Jinhongxin, Intop, L&C, Hongxin, International Book (Xiamen), Valued Show made new breakthrough by going abroad to hold exhibitions in independent and cooperative ways. On the basis of Intop’s “International Exhibition Guidance”, Trade Development Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce cooperated with China Intop Exhibition constructing Public Service Platform for International Exhibition and made progress in the research of internet plus.

X. Broad Prospects and Challenges in 2016

In 2015, Xiamen convention and exhibition industry made outstanding remarks, and fulfilled the target of industrial development and planning though confronted with the downward pressure on global economy and competition from three exhibitions sectors. However, in view of severe competition and industrial development, Xiamen convention and exhibition industry is burdened with various difficulties and problems. First, the quantity of exhibitions is in shortage. Second, there are few self-cultivated conventions. Third, Xiamen has only a few international exhibitions or conventions. Fourth, there are more small and new exhibitions, but less above-scale exhibitions. Fifth, Xiamen has weak industrial infrastructure and lacks of the ability to absorb industries from neighboring provinces and cities. Sixth, heavy traffic and parking difficulty around the Convention and Exhibition Centre restrict the development of ultra-large exhibitions. Last, high-end talents are in shortage, which hinder the development of Xiamen convention and exhibition industry.

In 2016, international politics, economy and security will stay complex and varying. Thus, it will lead to the change for global convention and exhibition industry. In the period of strategic opportunity, China will further deepen reform. As a platform for constructing modern market and open economy systems, then influence of convention and exhibition industry will be increasingly important. Under the correct leadership by Xiamen Municipal Party Committee and Xiamen Municipal Government, Xiamen has already built an operation and development system that follows the guidance by government policies and allocates resources by market. Xiamen convention and exhibition industry will have broad prospects.

2016 is the first year of The Thirteenth Five-Year Plan and six advantages will help Xiamen convention and exhibition industry make new achievements. First, incentive policies carried out by both municipal and district governments are working. Second, the enthusiasm to hold conventions and exhibitions in Xiamen by enterprises from home and abroad even local society is rising. Leading by Xiamen Association For Circulation Of Automobile, Xiamen Internet of Things Industry Association, Xiamen Food Industry Association, Xiamen Horologe Association, Xiamen Interior Decoration Association and other associations, the enthusiasm to hold exhibitions among industrial associations is rising as well. Cross-sector development among state-owned enterprises and media is conducted while manpower, material resources and talents are brought together to hold conventions and exhibitions. Third, expansion of the International Convention & Exhibition Centre and the construction of large-scale conference centers will provide space for Xiamen to introduce and hold large-scale and high-level conventions and exhibitions. Fourth, establishment of self-owned marketing platform for conventions and exhibitions will be lifted to a new height. Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Convention and Exhibition Affairs will further promote domestic and international marketing. The attraction of Xiamen will be improved. Fifth, the evaluation system of “professional, international, market-oriented and regulated” for exhibitions and assessment of conference hotels will improve the quality of exhibitions, conventions organizations, security and service. Furthermore, the exhibition environment will be optimized and the quantities of international exhibitions and conventions will be increased. Sixth, the increasing awareness of talent training and innovation will substantially contribute to the development for Xiamen convention and exhibition industry.

Just a poem runs, a thousand sails pass by the wrecked ship, ten thousand saplings shoot up beyond the withered tree. Xiamen convention and exhibition industry is in the age of great revolution and vigorous development. Led by Xiamen Municipal Party Committee and Xiamen Municipal Government, as long as we seize the opportunities, foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, strictly follow the reformation carried out by the central government and count on the intelligence and strengthen from all social sectors, we will eventually accomplish the goal of forging Xiamen into a “World-Renowned MICE Destination”.


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