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on Printing the ImplementationOpinion on Vigorously Driving the Reform, Innovation and Development of MICEIndustry




Documentation ofGeneral Office of Xiamen Municipal Government

Xia FuBan [2016] No. 21



Notice of theGeneral Office of Xiamen Municipal Government on Printing the ImplementationOpinion on Vigorously Driving the Reform, Innovation and Development of MICEIndustry


Toall governments, municipal commissions, offices, bureaus and relevantorganizations of all districts:

       TheImplementation Opinion of Xiamen on Vigorously Driving the Reform, Innovationand Development of MICE Industry has been approved by the municipalgovernment and is now printed and distributed to you. Please cautiouslyimplement and enforce this Opinion.





                                                                                                                                      General Office of Xiamen MunicipalGovernmen

                                                                                                                                Date: February 24,2016


(Thisdocument is actively disclosed to the public)

ImplementationOpinion of Xiamen on Vigorously Driving the Reform, Innovation and Developmentof MICE Industry


       Toenforce and implement the SeveralOpinions of State Council on Further Promoting Reform and Development ofExhibition Industry (Guo Fa [2015] No. 15) and the Strategic Plan of Beautiful Xiamen, deepen the systematic reform ofMICE industry, accelerate the transformation, upgrade, innovation anddevelopment of MICE industry of our city, create an industrial chain of tourismand exhibition worth hundreds of billion and drive the economic and socialdevelopment of Xiamen, this Implementation Opinion is hereby developed inconsideration of actual situations of our city.

I.         Overall Requirement

(1)      Comprehensivelyunderstand and practice the spirits of the 18th Party Congress andthe 3rd, 4th and 5th conferences; comply withthe requirement on overall deployment proposed by the Several Opinions of State Council on Further Promoting Reform andDevelopment of Exhibition Industry; fully exert decisive role of market inresource allocation; accelerate the transformation of government functions tobetter serve people; accelerate the transformation, upgrade, innovation anddevelopment of MICE industry; make efforts to develop the MICE industry ofXiamen and better serve the economic and social development.

(2)      Ledby the Strategic Plan of Beautiful Xiamenand adhering to the features of “Beautiful Xiamen” while following thedirection of developing “global exhibition, tourism, commerce and logistics”,to set up an efficient coordination system and effective industry combinationstrategy; relying on the industrial foundation and port advantages of Fujianand Xiamen while seizing the opportunity in Xiamen’s acceleration in buildingitself into an important supporting city of the Marine Silk Road in the 21thCentury and the Pilot Free Trade Zone, to driving the MICE industry so that itcould become a pillar sector of modern service industry and a driving force forthe upgrade of tourism, commerce, logistics and consumption; build Xiamen intothe “Exemplary Exhibition City of China” and “Globally Famous Exhibition City”.

II.       DevelopmentGoal

(3)      By2018, the city will boast diversified exhibition halls, standardized market,internationalized service and professional talents. MICE industry will developrapidly. An array of best-of-class and well-known exhibition projects will befostered. The total exhibition area each year will reach 2.70 million squaremeters; visitors coming from other regions will reach 2.14 million; the totalrevenue of MICE industry will reach RMB 47 billion. The formation of “globalexhibition, tourism, commerce and logistics” will take shape.

(4)      By2020, the development of MICE industry of Xiamen will feature efficientunification and coordination, reasonable resource allocation, high coherence ofindustries and orderly market competence. A large array of globally leading andfamous exhibition projects will be fostered. The total exhibition area eachyear will reach 3.10 million square meters; visitors coming from other regionswill reach 2.7 million; the total revenue of MICE industry will reach RMB 60billion; the industrial chain and tourism and exhibition will be worth RMB 170billion. The formation of “global exhibition, tourism, commerce and logistics”will be completely achieved.

III.     DevelopmentPath

(5)      Stickto improve itself globally; improve the international operation level forself-owned exhibition brands; attract world-known exhibition projects andinstitution to settle down in Xiamen; establish a global exhibition marketingnetwork; popularize the image of Beautiful Xiamen to the whole world.

(6)      Stickto orientation of industry; following the direction of developing modernservice industry, advanced manufacturing industry, traditional industry andstrategically emerging industry; plan and foster specialized exhibitions;construct MICE complexes; drive industrial transformation and upgrade.

(7)      Stickto professional development; improve professional operation of exhibitions;foster and develop an array of large-scaled professional exhibition groups anda batch of specialized exhibition service providers; exert the function ofprofessional industry associations.

(8)      Stickto market-oriented operation; innovate in management system; optimizegovernmental functions; improve administrative service level; normalize the exhibition industry;develop diversified market players; energize the market.

(9)      Stickto the brand-oriented strategy; promote the idea of combined marketing;forcefully develop self-owned exhibition brands; actively accept the transferof world-known exhibition brands; explore and establish a brand evaluationsystem of Xiamen exhibition industry; expand the charm and influence of Xiamen.

(10)  Stickto the guarantee of informatization; improve the public information serviceplatform and official websites of exhibitions; enhance the level ofinformatization for exhibitions; enable more convenient and efficient services.

IV.     DevelopmentKey Point

(11)  Buildup branded projects. Led and benchmarked by CIFIT, Stone Xiamen Fair,International Buddhist Items Crafts Fair, ICIF and other branded exhibitions,to assist and support our small- and medium-sized specialized exhibitions toimprove professional operation; accelerate their growth and create an array ofdomestically leading and world-known exhibition projects; support and attractlarge-scaled or super-large-scaled and well-known exhibitions from home andabroad to tour or settle down in Xiamen. (responsible units: Xiamen MunicipalBureau of Exhibition Affairs, Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Commerce, XiamenMunicipal Bureau of Finance and Xiamen Exhibition Association)

(12)  Developleading enterprises. Foster and develop branded, group and international keyexhibition enterprises; encourage large-scaled enterprises to set up exhibitionaffiliates or sectors; foster leading enterprises at each link of theindustrial chain; actively attract a number of well-known exhibitionenterprises from home and abroad with the focus on attracting exhibitionenterprises from Germany, England, Hong Kong and Taiwan to settle down inXiamen or partner with local enterprises to organize exhibitions; activelyintroduce internationally famous institutions to involve in the operation andorganization of local exhibitions. (responsible units: State-owned AssetsSupervision and Administration Commission of Xiamen Government, XiamenMunicipal Bureau of Convention & Exhibition Affairs, Xiamen Convention&Exhibition Association)

(13)  Improveexhibition facilities. Facilitate the renovation and upgrade of hardwarefacilities in exhibition centers and conference centers; improve the commercialbelt and ecological construction for MICE industry; further optimize supportingservices including catering, transportation, customs, inspection &quarantine, aviation, post office, translation, financial service, venue marksand parking space; facilitate the construction of exhibition complexes such asthe Cross Strait Tourism Exhibition Center and Cross Strait Peace Plaza;optimize the layered structure of all exhibition venues across the city and addmore operators of exhibition venues; create better conditions for small- andmedium-sized exhibition projects so that they could better serve and energizethe exhibition market; construct several business hotel clusters in alldistricts outside Xiamen Island and encourage on-going or newly built luxurioushotels to add exhibition facilities to meet the needs of various businessexhibitions and conferences. (responsible units: State-owned Assets Supervisionand Administration Commission of Xiamen Government, Xiamen Development andReform Commission, Xiamen Municipal Commission of Urban Planning, XiamenMunicipal Bureau of Exhibition Affairs, governments of all districts, XiamenExhibition Association, XICEC)

(14)  Constructexhibition clusters. Optimize urban planning and layout; consider andcoordinate the development requirements as an exhibition and conference city inadvance; drive the generation of four exhibition industry clusters, i.e.: thecomprehensive exhibition cluster from Xiamen Exhibition Center to XiamenConference Center, the culture and art festival cluster from Xiamen Culture& Art Center to Bailuzhou, the high-end business conference cluster alongthe Huandao Road and the recreational exhibition cluster from Wuyuan Bay to GuanyinMountain. Keep improving supporting facilities and services for exhibition inall clusters; guide reasonable distribution of exhibition resources andinterlaced development; improve the city function as an exhibition serviceprovider. Keep optimizing road signs and indicating system; highlight theguidance towards important exhibition venues and clusters; addresstransportation issues and parking issues at exhibition and conference centers;strengthen the construction of bus terminals in exhibition clusters; ensure theaccessibility and bus stop availability at important exhibition venues andconference hotels; improve public transportation. (responsible units: XiamenMunicipal Commission of Urban Planning, Xiamen Development and ReformCommission, Xiamen Construction Bureau, Xiamen Transportation Bureau, XiamenPublic Security Transportation Administration Bureau, Xiamen Administrative LandscapeBureau, Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Convention & Exhibition Affairs,governments of all districts, Xiamen Convention & Exhibition Association,XICEC)

(15)  Facilitateindustrial combination. (responsible units: Xiamen Development and ReformCommission and all industrial associations)

1.          Drive the development of advancedmanufacturing industry and modern service industry. Based on industrialfeatures of Fujian, to actively promote the combination and extension ofexhibition industry chain, advanced manufacturing industry cluster and modernservice industry cluster, especially in fields such as aviation industry, paneldisplay, modern lighting, information consumption, financial service, high-endmedical service and shipping logistics; plan, hold or foster relatedspecialized exhibitions and high-end conferences; foster exhibition brands;build a bridge to connect industries, market, production and consumption.

2.          Boost the development of traditionalindustries and urban agriculture. Give full play to the cohesive and leadingrole of Xiamen as a hub city on the west coast; integrate R&D, design,manufacturing, market and other links along the industry chain by relying onbranded exhibition projects; use exhibition complexes as the platform to buildup a communication and exchange platform for upstream manufacturers anddownstream purchasers and consumers; facilitate and transformation and upgradeof traditional industries and the growth of urban agriculture. Exert thefunction of Xiamen as an aggregation of headquarters economy to boldlyintroduce purchasing meetings, annual meetings and trade fairs for largegarment and footwear enterprises; develop the conference market that servestraditional industries in city clusters near Xiamen; expand and increasecommercial conferences.

3.          Facilitate the development ofstrategically emerging industry clusters. Comply with the national industrydevelopment strategy and planning as well as the future direction ofdevelopment for Fujian and Xiamen (such as software information service,culture innovation, fashion design, new materials, new energy, energy saving,marine economy, biological medicine and etc.); plan and organize relevantspecialized exhibition and conference; promote the communication of new ideas,new knowledge and new science as well as the display of new technologies andnew products.

(16)  Strengthenjoint marketing. An unified city-wide joint marketing system should be jointlyestablished by the publicity office, commerce office, foreign affairsdepartment, overseas Chinese affairs office, Taiwan affairs office, tradepromotion department and other departments under the leadership of XiamenMunicipal Bureau of Tourism and Xiamen Municipal Bureau Exhibition Affairs soas to intensify the communication and publicity of city and brandedexhibitions. Strengthen joint marketing campaigns of exhibition and tourism;carry out themed campaigns and special promotions at home and abroad. Intensifythe marketing of our city as an exhibition and touristic destination in amulti-layered and three-dimensional way by means of outbound visits and foreignguest receptions of all municipal departments, especially through the currentglobal promotion channels of CIFIT. (responsible units: Information Office ofXiamen Municipal Government, Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office,Taiwan Affairs Office, Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Xiamen MunicipalBureau of Tourism, CCPIT Xiamen, Xiamen Municipal of Convention & ExhibitionAffairs and governments of all districts)

V.       HighlightDevelopment Feature

(17)  Highlightinternational feature. Take the opportunity of the national “One Belt One Road”strategy and regional economic and trade cooperation; make good use of majorinternational exhibition platforms such as CIFIT, World Ocean Week in Xiamenand China (Xiamen) International Leisure Tourism Expo; strengthen exchange andcooperation with relevant countries and regions; strive to introduceexhibitions of related topics and hold exhibitions in foreign countries; buildXiamen into a junction and mixer of “One Belt One Road”. Take advantages of thePilot Free Trade Zone; promote the establishment of large-scaled bondedexhibitions and trading fairs & platforms. Support local institutions andenterprises to join authoritative international exhibition organizations; setup a cooperation and exchange mechanism; connect to supreme global exhibitionresources. (responsible units: Xiamen Free Trade Office, Xiamen MunicipalBureau of Commerce, CCPIT Xiamen, Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Convention & ExhibitionAffairs)

(18)  Highlightour Taiwan-based characteristics. Exert the geographical advantage of Xiamenand convenient accessibility to and from Taiwan; deeply dig out exhibitionmaterials with the theme of Taiwan Strait; join hands with industrialassociations and famous enterprises of Taiwan; match exhibition resources onboth sides of Taiwan Strait by means of application, introduction andcooperation; jointly establish professional exhibitions to promote economic,commerce and social exchanges; boost industry integration and socialdevelopment of both sides. (responsible units: Taiwan Affairs Office, Xiamen MunicipalBureau of Convention & Exhibition Affairs)

(19)  Highlightsynchronous development of tourism and exhibition. Carry out the combination oftourism and exhibition in terms of planning, management, subjects, publicity,marketing, service system, development platform, products, activities andtalents; promote the profound combination and development of tourism andexhibition so as to form a mutually-driving and positive development mode; makeefforts to build a world-known tourism and exhibition destination city. (responsibleunits: Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Tourism, Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Convention& Exhibition Affairs)

(20)  Makea good example of self-discipline and autonomy. Accelerate the transformationof governmental functions; give better play to Xiamen Exhibition Association asa bridge and benchmark; encourage it to strengthen self-disciplined andstandardized management, provide all-rounded services for enterprises and makea good example for the development of our urban exhibition industry. Improveexhibition registration and market supervision; normalize charging items andstandards in exhibitions. Encourage Xiamen Exhibition Association to performstatistics, evaluation and survey for the exhibition industry. (responsibleunits: Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Exhibition Affairs, Xiamen Convention & ExhibitionAssociation)

VI.     OptimizeDevelopment Environment

(21)  Setup an integrity system for exhibition industry. Set up an exhibition integritysystem covering exhibition venues, exhibition and conference organizinginstitutions, hotels, exhibiting enterprises and other supporting services;evaluate and grade the quality and reputation of services provided byexhibition enterprises to encourage honest operation. Set up a classifiedcredit file and offence & violation disclosure system for the exhibitionindustry; promotion information sharing and publicity among exhibition,tourism, commerce and taxation departments; praise honest acts and punishdishonest acts to achieve credit classification and supervision. Strictlypunish swindles for rewarding funds by means of falsifications. (responsibleunits: Market Supervision Commission of Xiamen Municipality, SAT Xiamen, XiamenLocal Taxation Bureau, Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Tourism, Xiamen MunicipalBureau of Convention & Exhibition Affairs, Xiamen Convention & ExhibitionAssociation)

(22)  Setup a standard system for exhibition industry. Support Xiamen ExhibitionAssociation to take the lead to formulate standards for exhibition design andstall installation, standards for professionalization, internationalization, marketizationand standardization of specialized economic and trade exhibitions, and tofacilitate the evaluation of conference hotels. Undertake investigation andresearch on standards for evaluation of influence of branded exhibition,standards of exhibition personnel quality and ability; normalize exhibitionpersonnel and market behaviors; lead the development of provincial and evennational exhibition industry. (responsible units: Xiamen Municipal Bureau ofTourism, Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Convention & Exhibition Affairs, XiamenConvention & Exhibition Association)

(23)  Improvethe statistics and monitoring system of exhibition industry. Further improvethe statistics and monitoring system of exhibition industry; realize overallcollection and real-time monitoring of various kinds of exhibition data.Develop statistical and analytic reports as needed; strengthen data digging;deepen value analysis; provide real-time, accurate and authentic basis for thegovernment to make decisions. (responsible unit: Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Convention& Exhibition Affairs)

(24)  Setup an intellectual property right protection system. Implement the exhibitionintellectual property right protection measures of our city based on nationalexhibition intellectual property right protection measures and the actualconditions of our city; strengthen the intellectual property right protectionof exhibitions; facilitate and implement the enterprise quality commitmentsystem; help them perform their entity responsibility; strike infringement andcounterfeiting; strengthen joint law enforcement at the scene of exhibitions toenable healthy development of exhibition industry. Encourage exhibitionenterprises to apply for patents and register trademarks, apply for famoustrademarks, develop and utilize intangible assets such as exhibition name andmark. (responsible units: Xiamen Intellectual Property Office, MarketSupervision Commission of Xiamen Municipality)

(25)  Setup a public service system. Set up and keep improving the bilingual (Englishand Chinese) official website of “Xiamen Exhibition” and “The PublicInformation Service Platform of Xiamen Convention & Exhibition Industry”;improve the exhibition management level and informatization level of our city;facilitate social institutions and enterprises to hold exhibitions andconferences. Boost the application and promotion of information technologies inexhibitions; support qualified institutions to develop the Smart Exhibitionsystem and build up an exhibition platform that is never closed. (responsibleunits: Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Convention & Exhibition Affairs, Xiamen Convention& Exhibition Association)

(26)  Setup a talent cultivation and utilization system. Supporting the education andtraining for exhibition talents; set up a special fund for talent education andtraining; develop a training plan; educate and train employees in a normalizedand systematic way. Set up a multi-layered training system and talent poolincluding on-job training and short-term overseas training. Strengthen thecollaboration of schools and enterprises, combine work and study, encouragefamous enterprises and industrial associations to develop and train talents in conjunctionwith schools, so at to improve the practicability of students and teachers andthe theoretical level of employees. Drive the combination of production,administration and study; support and encourage local universities and collegesto put more stress on talent cultivation for exhibition industry; strengthenthe construction and development of academic leaders and faculties ofexhibition management major. Strive to introduce well-known domesticinstitutions to run schools together with local higher education institutionsor professional institutions, or to establish professional exhibitiondevelopment research agencies, so as to provide knowledge support for long-termdevelopment of exhibition industry and make our city a rendezvous of high-endand professional talents. (responsible units: Xiamen Municipal EducationBureau, Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Convention & Exhibition Affairs, Xiamen Convention& Exhibition Association, universities and colleges)

VII.  OptimizeDevelopment Mechanism

(27)  Strengthenoverall planning and leadership. Xiamen MICE Industry Development SteeringGroup strengthens the overall planning and coordination of development of MICEindustry so as to combine and develop tourism and exhibition industries.

(28)  Optimizecultivation mode. Put stress on exhibition projects in line with our industryand city orientation according to the principle of “reward in lieu of subsidy,reward combined with support”; implement the bid invitation system and governmentpurchasing service; provide support and cultivation based on the mode of“market survey and demonstration – project planning or introduction – operationby professional institution or enterprise – fixed-term cultivation or support –complete marketization or knock-out”. Establish the government exit mechanism;transform government-operated exhibitions to market-oriented exhibitions. Boostfinancial innovation; set up an exhibition industry fund; introduce and growhigh-quality exhibition projects by means of capital operation such as shareparticipation or M&A. (responsible units: Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Convention& Exhibition Affairs, Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Finance, Xiamen Convention& Exhibition Association)

(29)  Optimizeadministrative service mechanism. Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Tourism and XiamenMunicipal Bureau of Convention & Exhibition Affairs should take the lead toset up an administrative service coordination mechanism for MICE industry,issue the Administrative Service Measuresfor Xiamen MICE Industry and enhance the capability and level of providingadministrative services. (responsible units: Xiamen Municipal Bureau ofTourism, Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Convention & Exhibition Affairs andrelevant units)

(30)  Optimizerewarding policies. Development policies of exhibition industry should becomprehensively evaluated to meet the need of development and be adjustedaccordingly. Better publicize policies; implement exhibition reward andsupporting policies; fully leverage policies to motivate social institutions toparticipate in exhibition undertakings. Streamline and optimize the applicationand approval procedure of exhibition reward and provide better services forenterprises. (responsible units: Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Convention & ExhibitionAffairs, Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Finance, Xiamen Convention & ExhibitionAssociation)

Alldistricts and departments must be fully aware of the significance of exhibitionindustry in boosting the economic growth, industry upgrade and urbantransformation of our city. Meanwhile, they should play a leading andorganizing role, better integrate resources, create better environment andconditions and provide more supports for the growth of exhibition industry. Alladministrative and relevant departments of exhibition industry should pertinentlyperform their duties, increase the service awareness, put stress on cooperationand work together to boost the development of exhibition industry in a rapid,healthy and sustainable way.



InvolvingUnits: Xiamen Free Trade Office, Information Office of Xiamen MunicipalGovernment, Taiwan Affairs Office, CCPIT Xiamen, Xiamen Intellectual PropertyOffice, Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Convention & Exhibition Affairs, SATXiamen, Xiamen Local Taxation Bureau, Xiamen University, Jimei University,Xiamen University of Technology, Xiamen City University, Xiamen Convention& Exhibition Association, Xiamen International Conference & ExhibitionGroup

General Office of Xiamen MunicipalGovernment             Issued on February25, 2016





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