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Xinglinwan Hotel

Star Rating:(--Unrated--)   Conference Hotel Rating :AAAAA

Basic Information:

Total Rooms:572

Total Meeting Rooms:29

The Largest Meeting Room Area:1900m2

The Capacity of the Largest Meeting Room:1500


Address:No.301, Xingbin Road, Jimei District of Xiamen

About Hotel:

XingLinWan Hotel, located in Xingbin Road, which situated in the XingLin Bay, nearby the XingLin Bridge, the well-known tourist attractions like the Gardening Expo Park, and Jimei Administrative Center. It is a five-star holiday resort and conference hotel invested by All-China Federation of Trade Unions (ACFTU). The hotel covers an area of 240,000 square meters, of which over 80,000 square meters are built-up area. We have 5 residential buildings (a total of 572 rooms), 1 Catering building, 1 sports building, and 1 conference building, As the center of conference building, formed a unique architectural style.

The 572 rooms and suites are decorated in either modern Chinese or uncomplicated European styles, with graceful and choice furnishing.

Nearby the lake, there is a separated building for dining, whose luxurious and brilliant decoration renders it one of the best restaurants throughout Jimei District.The hotel brings in Xiamen catering industry elite, to build a unique food culture; Business with Cantonese cuisine and Fujian cuisine.

The conference building in the center of the hotel, in the face of the sea and the Pearl Isle. The first floor is the lobby of the hotel. From the second floor to fourth floor has 27 meeting rooms of various sizes, multi-function hall, press hall, VIP reception hall and lounge, which can accommodate 25-400 people.

The hotel has a large and small two exhibition halls, located in the sports building on the third floor. The halls with no pillar inside. Equipments and facilities goods are available in all varieties make them the best choices of huge sales conferences and exhibitions,

The sport-recreation building stands out as a landmark in the Xinglin Bay. All these facilities cover a total area of 15,000 square meters, providing a variety of relaxation and amusements.


  1. Hotel Star Rating(★★★★★,★★★★,★★★,Unrated)is based on the Evaluation Provided by China National Tourism Administration, which stands for the level of a hotel.
  2. Conference Hotel Rating(AAAAA、AAAA、AAA)is based on the Evaluation provided by Xiamen Convention & Exhibition Association, which is an important indicator to measure a hotel’s capability to undertake and serve conferences in Xiamen.


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